Open Door Interior Designs


Why I should hire a Designer

Open Door Interior Designs develops your vision, creating a harmonious environment that optimizes your space & maximizes its potential.  We strive to make your home a reflection of yourself & your business a reflection of the quality it imparts.

RESIDENTIAL c l i e n t s

too many decisions, too little time

Wendi takes the guesswork out of decisions & has established valuable design trade resources to ensure efficient & cohesive design decisions are made -promptly!

peace of mind

Our well executed planning & professional know-how leaves you worry-free to do what it is you do best!  Every consultation is tailored to your specific needs.

‘I know what I want…I think.’

Wendi listens & tunes in.  She then strengthens your good ideas, edits the common mistakes & puts an end to indecision & second-guessing.

save time & money

Wendi is knowledgeable about combining cost-effective alternatives with higher end splurges to make your budget go further. Clients say a consultation saves more than it costs -sometimes a lot more!

COMMERCIAL p r o j e c t s

answer critical questions…
  • How will the wear & tear of interior furnishings affect the interior design?
  • What effect will changing trends have on the new design?
  • How does color impact the design?
  • What are my product & finishing material options?
  • How does each design element relate to the overall scheme?
build your image

We develop innovative concepts that transform your space into a cohesive environment reflective of the quality your business stands for.

where the heck do I start?

With us of course. Open Door Interior Designs has a experienced & trusted team of tradesmen & contractors behind us.  We are realistic.  There are “hick ups” in every project, but when you work along side reputable partners, “hick-ups” quickly pass & are handled with integrity & professionalism.

save time & money

We visualize the overall project & illustrate the effects before they are actually executed, helping you get the most out of your budget.