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Finding Flow

Do you want

to take part in a 

social experiment??

Finding FLOW is about giving with compassion & receiving with appreciation.


As a designer I’ve struggled.

I’ve struggled with the role I’ve played in our throw away culture and I still wrestle with my own desire for shiny new “things”.  I get it. New is awesome! And yes, there are times when we can and should celebrate our “newness” because we know it came from a place of need, has value and is held in appreciation.  I believe we are not meant to live in fear and sacristy and that we are deserving of an abundant life.  “I worked hard and darn well deserve it”.  Yes! I’m there to celebrate with you.  But it is those other times, that leaves me feeling not-so great.  When our desire for newness overrides our ability to see what we already have.  When it comes from a place of filling a void.  Here’s where the seed for Finding FLOW was planted.

Someone asked me what I love most about my job.  Without hesitation, I said it was my way of seeing; how design challenges are actually design opportunities.  It comes down to our perception & this is where I shine.  I love helping homeowners see the potential in their space.  More importantly, seeing the abundance with what we have.  I truly believe this is how we create FLOW & manifest prosperity.


my ASK

I will begin this experiment by paying forward my time to 10 people who understand the quantum physics around manifestation.  Sounds super intelligent right?

Well, hold on.  I’d be ecstatic if these individuals simply had curiosity & an enthusiastic belief in giving with compassion & receiving with gratitude.



GIVE something that no longer serves you a new home by selling it

with COMPASSION use the money you receive from your sold item to pay for a friends design consultation

RECEIVE your own in-home consultation by scheduling time with Open Door Designs

with APPRECIATION recognize that this in no ordinary interior design consultation

Without any further investment we tailor the interior design consultant to suit your needs.

We use what you have or make suggestions how you can find what you need with sustainability in mind.

Honouring the 4 R’s

Reuse unwanted items by finding a new use or a new home

Reduce what you own in excess to charity

Recycle items that would otherwise go into our landfill

Recover old treasures


Open Door Designs is here to help bring fresh eyes & turn design challenges into design opportunities


Continue infinite flow by paying it forward…

finding FLOW

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