Open Door Interior Designs


Open Door focuses on designing wellness spaces with a holistic approach considering mind and body.  Each space is created with a strong intention, using both design psychology and western Feng Shui, and is a reflection of yourself & your business.

As the founder of Open Door Designs, a full-service Interior Design company and Feng Shui practice, Wendi’s mission is to help others bring balance, tranquility, and harmony to their interior environment and exterior surroundings.

She holds a bachelor’s in interior design and started her career with a focus on the psychology of spaces, but after completing the Feng Shui BTB program at Mount Royal, Wendi felt a desire to integrate her holistic beliefs with her creative intentions of balancing internal and external environments by blending spirit and space.

Wendi went on to study methods of energy therapies, including Healing Touch an accredited international program designed for nurses. She believes in the science that states everything is energy in all forms, and feels strongly that combining integrative therapies with standard medical care will support our healthcare model in a way that benefits everyone.

Wendi meets her clients where they are at and is excited to draw on these three modalities, design psychology, western Feng Shui, and Healing Touch to share the power of intention as she has personally and profoundly been impacted by living with intention and has witnessed the powerful transformation of others.

Where intention goes, energy flows