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Shared Love

Being skeptical

I was not sure what to expect when it came to Feng Shui and quite honestly, I was a little skeptical… However, I was struggling to create a space I loved in our bedroom, it was like the shafted room in the house… simply a place to rest my head at night. During our consultation, Wendi asked interesting questions that felt full of meaning and intention and then compassionately pointed out qualities in our bedroom that were contributing to the disease I had for the space (and in my life!). She gave me clear suggestions that I implemented over several months and bit by bit I am falling more in love with our bedroom. I feel like I am now entering into our sanctuary and there is love and attention to details that give it an energy that makes me love the space! I recommend Wendi to all my friends! Going though one room with Wendi is not only enlightening for the room itself, it is even more enlightening to our life in general, Self and our relationships.”

Marni Richelle

Cochrane AB

Shared Sacred Space

Workshops with Wendi are unique and special. She lovingly guides you in a thoughtful way to where you’ll uncover for yourself how the 5 Chinese elements show up in you and how they interplay with the physical world around us.

Wendi is experienced in both the design world and the Feng Shui world and she artfully weaves these two subjects together with grace and style.

Jody Dicastri
Cochrane AB

My house is SOLD!

I had Wendi Napier come into my home to give me some helpful tips using her Feng Shui knowledge to help in selling my house. Wendi was professional and thorough, and did not take long in noticing things that I could do that would aid in the sale of my house. I am happy to say that my house has SOLD within weeks! Thank you Wendi for all of your advice!

Mary Fyten
Sundre, AB

I would like to again pass along my sincere appreciation for the wonderful work Wendi Napier did with our restaurant Karma Fine Indian Cuisine. We recently opened our doors and were met with rave reviews by our peers and customers. Wendi’s design made a strong, powerful statement about our business. More impressive was how under a very tight time-line and cost, her design and on-site advice has created a fine dining atmosphere. We especially appreciated your creative inspiration and sound practical advice on how to get the most out of our money. The restaurant portrays a greater image than the budget allowed and we are always asked who designed it.

Rav Hundal
Calgary, AB

Our experience with Wendi Napier re-designing our kitchen and dining room was entirely positive. Wendi has an innate ability to understand our own sense of style and helped us create a vision for our kitchen by skillfully blending our “personality” with her extensive knowledge of design and colour while keeping in mind our need for functionality. Right from the beginning we felt confidence with Wendi’s design and our excitement grew as the project proceeded. Throughout the process, Wendi helped to guide us, step by step as we completed various components of the project. Her many suggestions and recommendation had amazing results with minimal costs. We feel the designs she crafted has added a rich and comfortable look to our home far exceeding our expectations. We are very thankful for her assistance and heartily endorse her expertise and design services to all of our friends and relatives.

Louise & Barry Brown

Opus on 8th is lounge redefined. Talk about a transformation. Opus is stunning, with these kinetic light features behind the under lit bar, really comfortable banquettes, all dark browns with the huge windows… very cool bathrooms -visually, a class act!

John Manzo

Calgary, AB

We hired Wendi Napier to help us design and decorate a new kitchen. We had concerns that a designer would foist his or her ideas on us and create a space that was ergonomically & fashionably correct, but that wasn’t “us”. Dealing with Wendi, our fears proved to be totally groundless. Wendi always let us know what she liked, and what she saw as correct from a professional’s perspective, but she always acquiesced to our wishes. If I mentioned a “dream” her response would be, “Hazel, I think you should have the kitchen you want.” In this way, we got exactly the kitchen we wanted, but we avoided mistakes that we would have made on our own. The kitchen was completed approximately 10 months ago, and there is truly not a week that goes by that we don’t say, “This is terrific! I am so happy we did this!” We’ve always enjoyed entertaining, but now we can’t wait to fill our kitchen with friends and family, and our friends and family enjoy our new space almost as much as we do! We have a functional, friendly, attractive space and we are very pleased with it.

Hazel & Jim Smith
Olds, AB

The professionalism is obvious immediately upon entering this 56- seat restaurant. Karma uses pot and track lighting, sculpted walls and dark wood furniture to create an intimate and modern setting. This ain’t your mata’s kitchen, after all!

Dan Healing
The Herald

Calgary, AB

My two biggest fears when retaining an interior designer was that most of the things that I cherish would be ignored or minimized, and of course the expense, the designer’s time and the cost of re-decorating. Then Wendi Napier came along. Not only did she understand and appreciate my tastes and preferences, she worked hard to focus on them and to enhance their value and appearance. Therein lies the challenge…how to focus on the client’s values and priorities. I told Wendi many stories about my house, my art and furnishings; she listened and designed my space with those attachments in mind. I believe that her work has resulted in a significant improvement in my space from several perspectives: functionality, flow and of course, appearance. I also estimate that Wendi’s commitment to work with what I value and already own resulted in significant savings. I’m at the point now that I consult her on any and all changes that I’m considering, from buying furniture to choosing and hanging art. Wendi is an educated and experienced interior designer and it shows.

Dan Lavert
Olds, AB

Thanks to Wendi Napier/Open Door Designs, Sean and I feel at home. We moved out to our property in the Water Valley area 5 years ago to rub elbows with Mother Nature though there was always something missing. Our home needed a facelift but we sat in limbo because we weren’t sure how to make it happen. Wendi was the answer. Her approach was to work together with us to come up with a look and feel that spoke to what we are all about. Wendi used her magic and simply asked what kind of look we would like to achieve in a hypothetical dream home. Sean and I like to use natural products and warmth to decorate our home in and out. In a perfect world, we would love to build a cedar, sandstone, and slate home, but don’t have the resources to take on such a huge project yet. On a tight budget, Wendi helped us achieve the look we feel fantastic about by incorporating cedar and stone accents to our home and choosing colours that don’t make our home stand out but compliment the surrounding forest. We are proud to invite friends and family out to our home and receive highly positive comments about the before and after of our home’s appearance and appeal. Thanks a million!

Karen Dufresne
Water Valley, AB

Wendi first came to our house in the winter of 2009 to provide a layout for our future basement.  The layout was then modified & is what is in place today.  The basement is small, but all the requirements were met, such as a bathroom, spare bedroom, office area, and entertainment area.

She also visited in 2013 and Wendi helped us stage our house for selling choosing colors for our house that would be most attractive to sellers, and managed to be neutral, yet colorful, and provide a higher end feeling in our home.

Wendi was upfront about the costs and did not charge more than expected.  She was on time, courteous, & wonderful to be around.

If we require any more design work, Wendi will definitely be our first call.

Laurie McCarron
Calgary, AB