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My Personal Healing Touch Session Reflection

April 3, 2023

In my experience, intention is the most powerful part of healing. Together we set an intention surrounding what is considered your blockage or a dense imprint.  Your intention is as general or specific as you feel comfortable embodying. For example, “I have a blockage in my career or my relationships”.  Perhaps it is related to feelings surrounding anxiety or depression.  Maybe you are in transition or trying to sell your house? Everything is energetic, so you decide.  Wherever you find yourself we follow your innate lead. 

I often feel the warmth and a sense of peace and calm come over my body and move through my palms connecting with your field. A sense of love and oneness is shared.  Impressions occur, like emotions, colours, a vision, or a saying.  Sometimes a silly saying!  (Humor heals:)  Life doesn’t have to be so serious.  Often the message is not for me to understand except to share with you and revealed at a time that feels supportive.  I simply hold a place of neutrality and love.  We locate this congested energy and gently work to untangle it until it shifts and feels clear.  After the density or “cobweb” sensation dissipates, and your energy centers are connected and strengthened, we balance flooded and/or stagnate energy to flow more freely. 

Healing Touch and Feng Shui energy speak a common energetic language.  Through these healing modalities, I continue to learn this language so I can hold space to help shift outlived thought patterns, lighten dense spaces, and support healing from the inside out.
The impact of these shifts is first typically noticed by people who are close to you.  They find you less reactive, and more heart-centered.  They recognize that you have shifted your perspective, adopting a wider bird’s eye view.  You then feel the shift. You see the world differently and in return, the world reflects this view back to you.  Doors open and attract circumstances that support growth.  Things that once felt unmanageable, are more manageable.

I don’t know how to best describe it.  Simply put. It’s the feeling of being in love.

I invite you to schedule your next Healing Touch session, sit by the fire, and feel the warmth of this sacred practice supported in sacred space.
If this is your first introduction to bioenergy healing, welcome.
The door is open.