Open Door Interior Designs


…do I start?

3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Fill out our Client Review

Step 2: Measure your space & any existing items you wish to stay with our easy to follow “measuring guide” …Or better yet send us your builders plans if you have ’em

Step 3: Send us digital photos of your space, your home’s exterior; & any images from design magazines that illustrate the feel you wish to achieve. Check out HOUZZ for online for inspiration

Then place your order on-line via paypal & we take it from there

  • We will pay close attention to your goals for your space
  • We then utilize or expertise & resources to achieve your desired space
  • Create a personalized design plan that is easy to follow, BOX it & send it out!

Step 4 (we fibbed)
Open BOX & Viola! –Everything you need to enrich & personalize your space, within your own time & within your own budget.

WHO is it for?
WHAT is included?
WHEN will it arrive?
WHY others love it?
HOW much will it cost?