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Spring Cleansing like a Jedi

July 14, 2023

Today I started a book study with Jill Novak, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruize.  I am thrilled to be exchanging ideas with the wise and beautiful souls in this group! This book has been a part of the work we do in FluidStory for some time now, and it’s a staple in our household.  I am intentionally holding more space for the Fifth Agreement.  Be skeptical.Personally, for me, the idea of Feng Shui is not a hard sell.  I’m curious and believe I’m open to ideas, yet I respect and appreciate that everybody has their own bull**** quota.  When my BS quota is at capacity and I feel resistance, rather than toss the idea out I try to put it on the shelf.  Sometimes it’s because people’s ideas are just wacko! And other times it’s because I am simply not in a state to change how I see the world.  For instance, every second Wednesday I hit my BS quota on ETs.  So you’re forewarned to be choosy when sharing stories of abductions and probing.  But on the flip side, I am a big fan of Marvel. That stuff is all real.  Different quotas on different days.  I need to remember and respect this quota in myself and others because we are all doing our best.

After this rich and thought-provoking book study, I was a guest on Jill’s Juicy Chats, where we talked about how space clearing can support a spring cleanse, tips on clearing clutter, and what a good ol’ vacuum can do.  Have a listen if it piques your interest.  Jill has been an amazing client, friend, and mentor in many ways.

Not that anyone would care…to know this about me… I have this love-hate relationship with vacuuming.  Some believe “the thing” we despise the most, is “the thing” that helps build self-awareness.  For me when life feels full, (not good or bad -just full), when overwhelm is peeking around the corner, my tell-tale sign, “the thing” is the state of our floors.  The ick on the floors often is a mirror to all the small things I’m stepping through.

The Feng Shui cure – the quick fix – to alter my space and support my state of being, is to simply vacuum.  It’s stupid simple.  Let’s think about this.  A floor supports us. It’s solid. We trust it. It’s stable. It’s our foundation.  Clear the path and we move freely.

Dust bunnies are low vibes, right?  We agree. (dead skin, hair, whatever else your sick mind can think up) What happens when I break up this low vibe with a vacuum, and clear out what is hidden underfoot?  Ta-da. We raise the vibe. And what Albert Einstein tells us is what vibes together sticks together.

>> Me: refraining from adding a peace sign emoji here <<

Vibe, otherwise known as Prana, Chi, Life force energy or for the scientisty people – frequency.  Now remove the materiality of dust bunnies and change it into frequency.  Brain waves and thought is a frequency.  Here’s a thought.  Raise the chi of the space and raise the chi of thought. Nothing works in isolation. > Einstein again! Our personal chi impacts our space, and our space reflects and supports our chi.

Thought like the dust bunnies become sticky with residue. So take action with whatever supports you.  For the “I-have-my-shit-together” folks, jump ahead and clear those sicky thoughts.  For me, I sometimes need to create a space that jump-starts the shift in energy and creates a strong foundation to release outlived patterns of thought.  The sticky kind.

So the big idea and grand takeaway is to get your partner/children/robot to vacuum. Tell your partner it supports your mental health or tell your children it increases Jedi life force.

~ Feng Shui that shit out.