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Using Feng Shui to Combat Winter Blues 

October 14, 2023

As winter creeps in, with the days getting chilly and the sun clocking in for shorter shifts, you might notice a mood shift too. We head into hibernation mode, getting all snug and cozy, prepping for a springtime revival. Can we embrace this time of rest and turn to Feng Shui to help support us in staying balanced?  I’d say so:)

Winter is the Water Element.  It’s the most yin of seasons, all about introspection and preparing for the vibrant energy of the new year. Using colour is one of the simplest ways to bring balance. If you need permission, go ahead and introduce lively colors like red, orange, and yellow to brighten up your space – think vibrant throws, fresh flowers, and colorful kitchen linens.  Whatever feels warm and energizing that can spark a little passion. Activate Yang Fire Energy by enjoying a book by the fireplace, lighting candles, and by all means increasing wattage where you can.  Bright lights are your best pals for beating winter’s lethargy and illuminating the path to brighter days ahead.

This friendly reminder is for both you and me: Let’s embrace the change! Winter’s all about hunkering down and taking a breather. So, let’s not resist it—it’s here to support us! 🌨️❄️