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What happens if I Fall Apart…

September 14, 2023

I recently hung out with an old friend who always makes me laugh. She is gifted at many things, and she’s a gift to many. So inevitably, she’s in high demand. But like many of us, she hardly takes time for herself. Why? Simple. There’s never enough time, except for those rare few who can time travel – superheroes in my book. She’s got a million reasons why she can’t make time for herself, but I’m curious about just one of those complicated reasons.

Let’s call my friend May. She’s intrigued by Healing Touch, so I invited her to book a session. At the bare minimum, I hope she can relax to even nap. You see, she’s been going through some tough stuff for a long time. Not just tough, but seriously hard. Only those who’ve experienced their version of hard time can truly understand. And no, I’m not talking about jail time (smarty pants…I know what you were thinking).

May said she’s considering booking a session, but she wants to take her time deciding. I respect that. She knows herself better than anyone else.

But I can’t help but wonder. So I asked, “Okay, let’s say you book a session. What’s the worst that could happen?” And she’s like, “I might totally fall apart.” And damn, that’s true. What if she does fall apart? I take a moment to really think about it. Then I start thinking about the alternative. I pause again. If I were to fall apart, who would I feel safe unraveling around? I’d rather it happen on my own terms than have a surprise meltdown in the middle of Safeway aisle one. Yeah, I’m a bit of a control freak like that.

There are so many unanswered questions buzzing in my head. Like, what does falling apart even feel like? In my first Healing Touch session, falling apart felt like a huge relief. It wasn’t draining or anything. It was more like letting go of all the heavy shit I’ve been carrying. But hey, that’s just my experience. I’ve never witnessed a “Safeway meltdown”. Although, if it were to happen, it’d still be met with the same love and support.

Healing Touch isn’t about breaking you just to fix you up again. It’s about helping you gather up the broken pieces and supporting your healing process. You’re the one in charge of doing the healing. Your free will opens a line of communication with your body.

I don’t want May to rush into it. So I’m simply offering her the invitation to trust me. Trust me when I say Healing Touch is all about self-discovery. The answers are there for the taking, and they’re not forced upon you. Your body will support you. And if you fall apart, whatever that looks like, it’s part of your healing journey. I tell her to take all the time she needs… and maybe steer clear of Safeway aisle one. LOL.

To sum it up: If I fall apart…

WHO can I trust to be there when I unravel? Only a select few, the privileged folks get to witness my messy. LOL.

WHAT is gonna surface in that imaginary breakdown? The possibilities are endless. We are all complex maniacs.

WHEN would I ever find time? I ain’t got time for dat. But if I do fall apart, then what?

WHERE is it gonna happen? Somewhere safe. Falling apart at the grocery store is a no-go…

WHY? ‘Cause at some point, I gotta hit the brakes. But if I stop, will I fall apart? The mystery…

For all those “human doing’s”, out there, take a breather. Try on the Human being suit and surprise ~ You’re not alone. We are all here being. It’s a freaking fabulous journey.