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“Woo Woo”…is that a type of candy or am I just bonkers?

April 3, 2023

A story I was told about the “Woo Woo’s” (slang for a person who believes in pseudoscience) is that Woo Woo’s attract and take advantage of gullible people; people who are weak and/or desperate for answers.  People who would spend hard-earned cash to be bamboozled.

Bamboozled” … one of my favorite words.
“Hard-earned cash” … not my words.…


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My Personal Healing Touch Session Reflection

In my experience, intention is the most powerful part of healing. Together we set an intention surrounding what is considered your blockage or a dense imprint.  Your intention is as general or specific as you feel comfortable embodying. For example, “I have a blockage in my career or my relationships”.  Perhaps it is related to feelings surrounding anxiety or depression.  Maybe you are in transition or trying to sell your house?


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Space Clearing

How to Space Clear


Space clearing means clearing the space on an energy level. It is an ancient art practiced daily in many old cultures – from India and Bali to Peru and Morocco – and there are numerous ways and materials used for space clearing.  The reason behind the need for space clearing is simple: just as on a physical level you see the dust and dirt accumulating in your home as a result of daily activities, the same happens on an energy level.


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Tupperware Saves The Day

March 23, 2020

I’m finding it fascinating how people fight, flight, or freeze, in times of uncertainty. I tend to flip from one to another hour by hour. But it always circles around the question of what can I do? Am I doing enough? Who am I to do anything? Kinda heavy and sometimes self-loathing. Which typically charges me up into fight – into go mode, and off onto a new idea. …


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we’re hiring!

July 30, 2014

Open Door is looking for the perfect fit to grow our team

We Are Hiring


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introducing….online design!

October 21, 2013

We are thrilled to offer our new #onlinedesign service. Support us by liking us on Facebook or Twitter.


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was old…now new

September 14, 2011

Franziska Wodicka ia a German designer who takes inspiration from old drawers and reinvents them into these gorgeous new pieces. Their website needs translation but well worth a peek.…


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